Turn Your Cafe World Stoves to Super Stoves With Captain Super Stove

Sun, Sep 19, 2010

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Are you tired of clicking on each of your Cafe World stoves four times to start a recipe into its actual cooking process? Sure, we’ve been able to replace some of our stoves with various versions of Super and Lightning Stoves for some time now, earning both of these either requires a lot of effort in terms of collecting items, or a lot of Cafe Cash, if you simply purchase them outright.

Now, though, you can build a Captain Super Stove item, which will instantly turn all of your regular stoves into Super Stoves. To be fair, this effect only lasts one week, similar to the Grand Mater Chef, which we talked about last week, so whether or not you want to go through the process of building him is entirely up to you.

To build Captain Super Stove, you’ll need to collect 50 items in total, comprised of four different ingredients: 12 Afterburner Grills, 12 Poly-Steel Platings, 12 Carbon Chips, and 14 Turbo Tech Knobs.

You can go about collecting these items in a few ways. First, you can simply click on the “Ask for More” button associated with each ingredient to be taken to a reverse of the game’s free gifts page, allowing you to select individual neighbors and ask them personally to send you the item (via a traditional gift request received on their profile).

If you don’t have that many active neighbors, or you just don’t want to wait for them to respond, you can also purchase each ingredient for Cafe Cash, with Afterburner Grills, Poly-Steel Plating and Carbon Chips being available for 2 Cafe Cash each (that is, 24 Cafe Cash total, if you wished to purchase the entire set), and Turbo Tech Knobs being available for 3 Cafe Cash each, or a total of 42 Cafe Cash.

It should be noted that this is a grand total of 114 Cafe Cash, but if you enter into the game’s build menu, you can purchase a finished Captain Super Stove outright for 100 Cafe Cash, skipping the above menus and process altogether.

So what do you think? Is building the Captain Super Stove worth it? If you think so, head over to Cafe World on Facebook to start building one of your own!

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