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Sun, Mar 28, 2010

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If you’ve been unsatisfied with the Whimsical / Alice in Wonderland themed outfits that were released previously in YoVille, perhaps these new card and flower inspired outfits will strike your fancy?

Head over to the YoVille Clothing Store, and you’ll find outfits allowing you to deck yourself out as a playing card or rose. There are four different playing card outfits available, one for each of the four suits in a traditional deck of cards, as well as four different rose outfits.

For the card outfits, you’ll choose from both a card body and a card head piece in the shape of the suit of your choosing. The costumes cost 3000 or 3500 coins (the Heart costs extra), while the head pieces cost either 9 or 10 YoCash (again, the Heart option is a higher cost).

As for the flowers, there is only one suit to purchase (for 3000 coins), while the four different colored hats are what set each outfit apart from the last. They come in White, Purple, Red, and Blue varieties, with the Red hat costing 11 YoCash to the remaining trio’s 10 YoCash cost.

There are also some new handheld accessories to purchase, including an “Eat Me” treat for 7 YoCash, a hand of playing cards for 6 YoCash, and an assortment of scepters ranging from 7 to 10 YoCash each.

To browse the full selection, head over to the game’s page.

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