Treasures Await Inside New Mafia Wars Crisis Crates

Mon, Feb 15, 2010

Mafia Wars, Social

A new item is now available in the Mafia Wars shop – the Crisis Crate can be purchased from the Godfather individually for 12 Reward Points (around $3), or in a group of three for 35 points.

As with other crates in the game, the items within vary in rarity, with users have a 60% chance of finding a common item, a 30% chance of finding an uncommon item, and a slim 10% chance of lucking into a rare item.

According to Social Games Central, the items that can be found inside are as follows: Battering Ram, Flaming Axe, Shock Paddles, Trauma Chopper, Ironside Tactical Vest, Shaped Charge, EMT, and Hook and Ladder Truck. One example, the Shock Paddles, come equipped with some impressive stats: 36 Attack and 16 Defense. It’s likely that the other available items have comparable stats, in which case these crates might be worth splurging on after all.

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