Treasure Madness Adds New Mini-Game and Maps

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

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Treasure Madness has been hit with a sizable update this week in the form of a new mini-game, nine new maps (found in the map shop), and 35 new treasures to uncover.

The mini-game, Wooden Maze, is a modern take on classic titling puzzles, which sees you navigating a simplistic obstacle course with a marble, sending it around wooden walls and avoiding holes in the path. There are multiple difficulties to master, for those that find the easier levels to be too simplistic.

In terms of maps, there is a map of Footprint Island (a fan-suggested map), and new Fruity and Golden Series maps. According to Social Games Central, some of the fruity maps can set you back a steep 10,000GP, while others are limited to users under a certain level.

If that 10,000 seems like too high a price to pay for a new map, have a look at the list of the 35 new treasures that can be found within it, and other maps.

Cyber insects

  • Techno bug Rarity: 13
  • Hard house locust Rarity: 13
  • Rave beetle Rarity: 13
  • Punk beetle Rarity: 13

Cortes patterned skeleton

  • Checkered pelvis Rarity 13
  • Multicoloured left hand Rarity 13
  • Polka dot skull Rarity 13
  • Striped left tibia Rarity 13
  • Tartan right tibia Rarity 13

Pocket-sized objects

  • Little ceremonial amulet Rarity: 13
  • Miniscule wrestler Rarity: 13
  • Small panpipes Rarity: 13
  • Tiny mortar Rarity: 13
  • Pocket-sized stone head Rarity: 13

Patriotic Butterflies

  • American Buckeye
  • German swallowtail
  • British monarch
  • Canadian Geitoneura
  • French siproeta

Maya Pirate Gods

  • Itzamna the cabin boy
  • Boatswain Ix Chel
  • First mate Chaac
  • Captain Xamen Ek
  • Cabracan the Quartermaster

Pizarros other belonging

  • Pizarro’s first wishes
  • Someone’s marcel
  • Pizarro’s sock
  • pizarro’s beastly bear
  • pizarro’s found shoe

Valuable Taino gods

  • Golden Itiba Tahuvava
  • Silver moon goddess
  • Ruby sun god
  • Bronze god of Cohoba
  • Jade Taino totem

Other smaller tweaks accompany these bigger additions, in the form of bug fixes for a few of Treasure Madness’s mini-games, and a MU$ bonus system that will grant 1 MU$ to a user when they complete a map, giving you even more incentive to be a completionist than before. Head over to the game’s page to see all of these updates in action.

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