Travel to Pirate Barricade With the Help of a Treasure Isle Pirate Ship

Mon, Jul 26, 2010

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An in-depth new feature has launched in Treasure Isle in the form of a Pirate Ship, able to take you to secret islands where you can dig for treasures galore. Taking a page from another Zynga title, FrontierVille, the developer has created given all users a free frame to the Pirate Ship, but actually finishing the frame will be quite the task.

First and foremost, when you log into the game, you’ll be greeted with an introductory pop-up, letting you either immediately place the ship’s frame (and associated docks) on your Home Island, or store it in your backpack for further use.

Placing it in the waters off of your island launches the feature proper, which will see you building up the frame in eight clicks, with each click taking 5 energy (for a total of 40 energy).

Once you have completed your eighth click, you’ll need to start collecting ingredients to bring the pirate ship to working order.

You’ll collect 25 ingredients in all – five each of five different items: Ship Nails, Planks, Nautical Rope, Sailcloth, and Paint. You can purchase an individual unit of each for 1 Island Cash, or, you can purchase all 25 at a discounted price of 22 Island Cash. Conversely, you can also ask your friends to help you complete the ship, as all users have the ability to send two of the five ingredients to their friends via the game’s free gifts page.

As we can see above, in my particular case, I can send Sailcloths and Nautical Ropes to my friends. This limit means that you’ll unfortunately need to have more than one Treasure Isle neighbor (three at the least) in order to complete the feature without paying some Island Cash to finish at least a portion of the Ship.

You can either wait for your friends to send you these ingredients on their own, or you can click on the “Ask for More” button associated with each individual ingredient to specifically ask your friends for help in completing the ship.

When you’ve finished the ship, you will unlock access to the Pirate Barricade map, consisting of 7 new islands to explore – Pirate Vanguard, Deadman Pass, Construction Isle, Lazy Larder, Reginald’s Armory, Greenbeard’s Field, and Stinkeye’s Shanty. As you’ve gone to the trouble of completing the Pirate Ship prior to exploring these islands, you’ll find that they’re all automatically unlocked, with no additional cost to you.

With so many ingredients necessary to complete the Pirate Ship, you’ll want to waste no time in starting to construct yours – head over to the game’s page to get started.

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