Travel to Morocco With New Restaurant City Items & Food

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

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This week’s new item theme in Restaurant City takes us to the streets of Morocco, where the colorful food and clothing stands come together to form a bazaar. The items in this theme are equally colorful and vibrant, containing all sorts of intricate patterns and designs. There are new free gifts and recipes also associated with this new theme, so let’s take a look at what’s available.

In terms of the coin-only items, you can browse through the game’s store to find both Moroccan Chairs and Sofas, each available in three different colors – blue, red, and pink – along with three different patterns on eight-sided tables. A hanging wall lamp is the only wall-based decoration, while you can find decorative sofas, dividers (both cubes and wall portions), a kettle, and even a hookah or hookah customer figure under the decorations section of the store, among other items. There are four types of dark-colored flooring to choose from, along with two forms of tan wallpaper, and a new Mosaic Sink will allow you to create a themed bathroom for 12,000 coins each.

In the realm of Playfish Cash or premium items, there are quite a few associated with the theme. A Large Gilded Table (an eating surface) is available for 3 Playfish Cash, while some architectural arches are available for 8 and 14 Playfish Cash, depending on the size. Floor lamps, rugs, and vases cost 4-6 Playfish Cash, and a new Mosaic Toilet will set you back 8 Playfish Cash (it works 60% faster than a traditional toilet and works without breaking for 8x longer). Finally, a new Turkish Stove is available for 20 Playfish Cash that cooks food 15% faster than a traditional stove.

As we mentioned above, there are actually quite a few free gifts that come along with this theme. A Star Side Table is available for your guests to dine on, while a Pink Moroccan Corner Sofa is a decorative item only. A Silver Kettle and Turkish Sofa round out the available options.

In terms of new recipes, you’ll find two main courses available to learn in your recipe book. The first is the Moroccan Lamb Shank, a limited time only recipe that must be learned within the next 19 days, or else it will be removed from your menu entirely. It takes four ingredients to learn – 2 Lamb, a Mint, and a Coriander.

The other dish is the Doner Kebab, also a limited time only dish with the same 19 day time limit. It took takes four ingredients to learn, but this time, only one Lamb is required. The other three ingredients are Flour, an Onion and Salad.

Remember to head over to the game’s page soon to learn these new recipes before they disappear, presumably for good.

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