Travel to Fairy Meadows Via New PetVille Magic Door

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

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Earlier in the week, we told you that a new Magic Door would be released in the near future in PetVille, and wouldn’t you know it? The future is now!

The fairy themed Magic Door will lead to Fairy Meadows, but before you can travel to the world of enchantment and fairies, you’ll need to first unlock the door. If you’ve been with us since the release of the Magic Door to Tahiki, you’ll know how this works, but for new users, here’s how the event is set up.

First off, you’ll find a Fairy in a jar, most likely in the living room of your home. Clicking on her will give you your first free key. If you’d like to collect the rest, head up to your Attic.

There, you’ll find your Fairy Meadows Magic Door locked behind 15 keys (this is more than the Tahiki Door, which required 10 keys). The keys come in the same five colors, however: Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.

You can accumulate keys in a number of different ways. First, they can be sent to friends as a gifts via the game’s free gifts page, as seen below.

You can also simply post a general plea for help on your wall as a news feed item, letting your friends know that you’re attempting to unlock the door, in case they’d like to help you out.

Another way involves reverse gift requests, that see you clicking on a particular color of key and asking for your friends to send you them. Instead of receiving a gift request containing a gift, your friends will receive a plea from you for help – a simple click from them and voila you have another key. Finally, you can purchase the keys for 5 Pet Cash each (that is, for each individual key), or a total of 70 Pet Cash.

Once you unlock the door, you’ll find yourself miniaturized and perched atop a tree branch in a forest. There is a Mushroom House to the left of this area, that is labeled as “Coming Soon,” and you can access the Fairy Meadows section of the game’s stores via a sign conveniently placed near the entrance.

With the help of a few active PetVille neighbors, you can have the Fairy Meadows Magic Door unlocked in less than a half hour’s time – just remember that you can ask for more than one key from the same friend. If you’re willing to help them with their own keys in return, you should have no problem finding folks to help you. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to get started.

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  • Lelio

    My Fairy door has no locks to unlock! I have all the keys I need, but nowhere to use them! What do I do?

  • stitch

    are u sure there's no locks? i thought the same thing but then i realised that there was more space in the room just click the arrow on the right hand side and you will find it there

  • Fat

    keep them juist in case a nother door comes up