Travel Through Time Using Science in Mushroom Age for iPhone: A Frisky Hands-On

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

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G5 Entertainment has been a roll lately with releasing new games on Facebook, iPad and the iPhone. One of these recent releases happens to be Mushroom Age, a game that combines the best of a classic adventure game along with some hidden object elements to form a time traveling experience like never before.

In Mushroom Age, you play as a woman looking for her fiancee named Tom Scout who works at a research lab. In the beginning, when first entering the lab, you come across Professor Einbock, an Albert Einstein lookalike and the man Tom assists at the lab. After Einbock passes out due to the smell of your perfume, he explains that he’s not sure where Tom is, but he’s not at the lab. You eventually convince him to let you in only after finding and giving him a lost photo of his late wife. Not long afterward, you find out that Tom used a special mobile phone in order to travel through time.

Most of the game is spent looking for certain objects in different time periods, and talking to different characters to help you find Tom. Objects are displayed at the top of the screen and you must find them in the picture by tapping on them. Some of them can be especially difficult to see, so you’ll have to put on your sharp eyes to get far in Mushroom Age.

However, there are mini-games to help move things along, like for instance needing to reboot a robot in the future by playing a hangman-style word game to figure out his password. This helps break things up and keep things fresh as you play along this adventure.

If finding the objects proves too difficult for you, there is a simple hint system that can be used by tapping the question mark button in the top right corner. Along with that, completing each significant task will allow you to post it on your Facebook wall and share with your friends.

Overall, Mushroom Age proves that the adventure genre is far from death with its impressive visuals, interesting story and exciting gameplay. If you are interested in playing Mushroom Age for yourself, be sure to download it from the App Store for $2.99.

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