Trapster Update Adds Social Features to Police Avoidance

Wed, Jan 20, 2010

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Trapster, the popular iPhone app which lets users band together to thwart law enforcement efforts, has released an update, adding the new social “Caravan” feature to the program. Now, in addition to providing more information about the location of highway patrols, Trapster will allow drivers to see other Trapster users nearby in real time, and send them text messages, audio recordings, or even photos. Sure, texting and playing with your phone while at the wheel is dangerous and generally illegal, but who cares? You won’t get caught, thanks to Trapster!

Okay, in all fairness, Trapster’s new social features are intended to be used, safely, by whoever is riding shotgun. A long road trip can get boring, and these new social features can turn the app into a location-based social network in motion. Now the kids can actually get to know those guys in the next car they’re making faces at. And if somebody passes you on the right, who knows? Maybe there’s a chance you can swear at him directly through his phone!

I’m joking, mostly. Trapster’s 4.0 update also lets drivers warn each other about hazards in the road, including such as roadkill or accidents, and, as always, nearby speed traps. These are all very nice new features, which we would really like you to let your co-pilot use, so you needn’t add to the number of roadkill, accidents, and speed traps.

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