Toy Collection, Gifting Increase, Wild West Items – FarmVille Updates!

Thu, Sep 9, 2010

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It’s been a busy week for FarmVille, as Zynga has updated the game with not only new items in the ongoing Wild West theme, but has also added a new Lightning Collection, in addition to making a technical change that should please users with lots of FarmVille neighbors.

Collect Toys for a Special Prize!

A new Lightning Collection is now available in the game, to go alongside the Gemstone collection many of us have already completed. This collection is called simply the Toy Collection, and it will see us collecting multiple units of six different toys. The items come in multiple rarities (Common, Uncommon, and Rare). Here’s the list of items, along with their rarities and quantities needed to complete the collection.

  • ABC Blocks – Common – 10 needed
  • Train Whistle – Common – 10
  • Duck Toy – Common – 10
  • Jack – Uncommon – 7
  • Marble – Uncommon – 7
  • Paddle Ball – Rare – 3

Luckily, finding these items in game requires nothing more than simply planting seed, as they can be found when seeding your plowed land, either by hand or with the Seeder vehicle. Conversely, if you’d rather not wait to collect them on your own, you can purchase individual items for 1, 2, or 3 Farm Cash each, depending on the item’s rarity.

Finally, when you find items on your farm, you might be given the chance to post a stash of the item to your wall as a news item that your friends can click on to claim one of their own.

Free Gift “Gifting Limit” Increases

If you’re one of the many FarmVille players that likes giving out a free gift to your neighbors once each day, but hated the idea of picking and choosing which friends to give items to, thanks to the limit on how many requests you can send out each day, you’ll be happy to know that Zynga has increased this gifting limit.

Now, you can send up to 50 different gift requests to friends each day. While some users still have more than 50 friends in FarmVille, when you think of how many of your neighbors actively play the game, this might get you closer to gifting something to all of them at once, rather than having to pick and choose. We’ll let you know if Zynga increases or alters this system any further in the future.

Wild West Theme Continues With New Items

We continue our journey through the Wild West this week, as Zynga has released new Animal, Building and Decorative items in the Wild West theme.

The new animal is the Western Longhorn, a type of brown and tan cow available to purchase for 20 Farm Cash. Once you purchase the cow, you’ll be able to collect milk from it once daily, and it appears you’ll receive 12 coins of profit when doing so.

For the new buildings, a Wild West Fort and Blacksmith are now available, both of which cost Farm Cash. The Wild West Fort goes for 50 Farm Cash, while the Blacksmith costs less at 36 Farm Cash.

Finally, on the decorations page, you’ll see a combination of both new items in this theme, and re-released items from the Southwestern or Adobe themes we saw in the game all of those weeks back. In this latest update, seven items have been added (whether new or re-released). A Wild West Stream and Gold Panning items go for Farm Cash, at 22 and 20 Farm Cash, respectively, while the other items are available for coins. The Wild West Well costs 8,000 coins, a Wanted Post costs 6,000 coins, a Mine Cart costs 4,000 coins, a Sagebrush costs 1,000 coins, and finally, a Tumbleweed costs just 800 coins.

These items will be available in the game’s store for the next eight days, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any that interest you before they leave the store.

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