Top iPhone Apps to Check Out For Your Brand New iPhone 4

Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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What I’m talking about by saying ‘games for your iPhone 4′ is games that support the retina display or other fresh features in the iPhone 4. The Phone 4 has only been out for a few weeks now, so there still isn’t many games that support all of the new features, but the following list should give you a good rundown of current offerings that take advantage of the iPhone 4 in one way or another.

Fruit Ninja

Along with recently having its millionth download, Fruit Ninja also received a retina display update with high resolution graphics. Playing it before the update showed grainy textures, some blurry images and pixels galore. After the update, it’s a delicious fruit salad of high-res images and textures. A real treat at only $.99

Real Racing

Real Racing recently received an update allowing it to be controlled more intuitively on the iPhone 4. The game not only plays better due to the increased processing power, it looks much better as well. Backgrounds of the tracks before looked pasted on and pixely. Now, they look sharp and almost photorealistic. At $5, it’s likely the best racing game on the iPhone, but you didn’t hear me say it.

LED Flashlight HD

With the iPhone 4, a small LED was added right next to the camera making it easy to take photos in the dark. Well, that LED tends to be superbright and can be used as an awesome flashlight with this handy app. It’s free, and its only function is to turn on the LED at the push of a button. There’s many apps out there that do this, but this one is free and I see little point in paying for something so simple.


With the iPhone 4′s excellent camera, not much else is needed to see the improvement but Camera+ can certainly help in taking some great photos with it. With its innovative stabilizer capabilities, it would be worth its price alone but it also comes with a pretty robust photo editor and sharing abilities. At $1.99, you’d be crazy not to grab it.


One of ngmoco’s flagship games, GodFinger shows the power of the iPhone 4 with some enhanced high-resolution graphics. The older graphics looked plain and blurry on the iPhone 4′s display so this update really shines. It’s definitely one of the iPhone 4′s best free games so it is definitely worth checking out.

I hope you enjoyed this list designed to help you out with some nice apps on the iPhone 4. To make sure you’re up to date with the latest news on iPhone apps, games and other news make sure to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook using the ‘Goose bar below.

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