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Mon, Jan 18, 2010

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Apps, apps, everywhere, and not a one to link. Apple’s App Store now has a selection numbering over 100,000, and shows no signs of slowing down — and the Android Market is working quickly to catch up. Thankfully, if you’re suffering from app overload, there are a few solutions to help you explore the wealth of content. Of course, those solutions are also apps, which is a lovely bit of meta-application.

Apptizr, an app recommendation service from Third Ave Labs, attempts to filter out some likely choices for you based on your own stated preferences. Compared by VentureBeat to being “Pandora for apps,” Apptizr promises to “[do] the heavy lifting through our proprietary algorithm” and come up with a constantly updated list for you to peruse, delivered via regular email updates. They would also undoubtedly recommend the new iPhone app version of the service, allowing you to download an app which will tell you which apps to download. It’s a perfect circle of self-sustaining technology!

Mplayit is also an app, though it resides outside the phone, on Facebook. As we reported previously, the company’s mission is to sort through the quantity to serve up quality, and offers their web-based “discovery” service across multiple mobile platforms. This service goes so far as to include functional demos of several apps in a web-based format, providing a handy try-before-you-buy feature for customers not yet decided on their mobile device of choice.

Don’t worry, folks, helpful app-finding services like these will keep you on top of the ever-growing mobile software market. Until several dozen more app-finding apps make their appearance, at which point we’re all hosed.

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