Tiny Brains Coming to Big Conventions and New Consoles

Thu, May 23, 2013

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Want to try out Tiny Brains? Unless your brain is actually tiny, the answer is plainly ‘yes.’ If you’re not interested in a “3D co-op action puzzle game in which up to four players can take the role of tiny (but super-powered!) lab animals,” then there’s something wrong with you and we at Frisky Mongoose cannot offer the level of help you require. Thankfully, for those of you who answered the question correctly, there’s a place you can check out the upcoming game from TriplePoint client Spearhead Games — E3, starting June 11 in the LA Convention Center.


Spearhead Games, a new independent game studio founded by former EA and Ubisoft® developers, today announced that its upcoming co-op action puzzler Tiny Brains is planned for a next-gen console release following its initial release this fall and will be on show at E3 in the South Hall, booth 2359. The game was first revealed at PAX East this year, where attendees were invited to team up as super-powered lab animals and participate in a grand experiment to make a truly cooperative game.

To schedule a press demo to play Tiny Brains at E3, please contact spearheadgames@triplepointpr.com.

Also, did you catch that? “Planned for a next-gen console release.” We’ll have to see whether that includes the PS4 or the Xbox One (XB1? XBO? Have we agreed on an acronym?), but we’ll be looking forward to finding out.

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