Tiki Resort Wheel, Social City Wallace Building & More – Playdom Gaming Updates!

Wed, Aug 11, 2010

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There have been a few items released in Playdom’s games already this week, with the addition of new limited edition buildings to Social City, and the launch of a Spin to Win wheel in Tiki Resort, along with a new Charm bundle in the game that will set your wallet back a hefty sum.

Social City Limited Edition Buildings: Wallace Building & Radian Condo Tower

If you’re one that has a large sum of City Bucks simply burning a proverbial hole in your pocket, you’ll be happy to know that the selection of limited edition buildings in the game’s newspaper has been updated to include two new options.

The first is the Wallace Building, available to purchase for 39 City Bucks. It is a Leisure building, taking up a 2×2 square area of land. It rewards you with 441 experience points for purchasing it, and your town will receive a 50,000 Happiness Point boost for adding it to your city.

Meanwhile, the other building is the Radian Condo Tower, a residential structure available to purchase for 29 City Bucks. For that price you’ll receive 295 experience points as a purchasing reward, and will be able to add 7,500 citizens to your town every three days.

Both of these items are available in quantities of at least 4,900. Be sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase either of them if you feel so inclined.

Tiki Resort Wheel, Charm Bundles Now Available

If you’ve ever felt like testing your luck in the game, you can do so by spinning the new Tiki Resort wheel. Each spin of the wheel costs a fairly high price – 49 Facebook Credits, or $4.90 US.

For that price, you’ll have a chance of earning a rare item for your resort in the form of a new Pirate Wonder. You’ll have to have the three parts necessary to build the Wonder, so be prepared to spend a lot of Facebook Credits if you’re out to complete the Wonder using the Wheel.

Meanwhile, if you’re tired of waiting for your attractions to produce Charms for you, you can now purchase a bulk package of them from the store – however, don’t expect for the package to come cheap. The Charming Charm Pack comes with 50 Coconut Drinks, 100 Pineapples, 50 Leis, 10 Super Money Charms, and 3 Tax Day Charms for the price of… wait for it… 700 Facebook Credits. That equates to $70 US.

Personally, no amount of charms is worth that amount of real-world money, but to each their own. Would you ever pay that much for the Charm Pack, or are you fine waiting for other (read: free) opportunities for these Charms to come around? Either way, head over to the game’s page to see these updates in action.

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