Tiki Resort Sees Updates to Charm Feature

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

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Tiki Resort developers Playdom have updated the way the charms system works in the game. Now, there are three new treats, in addition to the sno-cone, that can be used to keep your tourists happy.

The three new charms come in the form of pineapples, coconut drinks, and leis, but instead of simply being able to purchase them for 2 coins each when a tourist has the appropriate thought bubble above their head, you’ll first have to produce them.

A tally in the top right corner displays how many of each charm you currently have in your possession, while certain fully upgraded buildings will produce the charms for you over time. For example, the Pagoda Pigout building can produce pineapples.

Additionally, all three charms are now available to send to friends via the game’s free gifts page.

To be entirely clear, the sno-cones are still available in the game, and you still voluntarily hand them out to specific tourists. It’s just that now we’ll have three more options to keep our guests happy, which seems like it can only be a good thing.

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