Tiki Resort Now Offers Purchasable, Giftable Pets

Mon, Feb 22, 2010

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Those who head into the Tiki Resort marketplace will likely notice a new tab placed within called simply “Pets.” Under the tab, you’ll have the option of purchasing two new animals: a crab and a turtle.

The Red Crab is available for 150 shells, while the Baby Turtle (which apparently brings success) can be purchased for 300 shells.

If you’re simply too cheap to buy these animals yourself, or perhaps legitimately lacking in funds, you can head over to the game’s gifts page and send four pet options to your friends, in the hopes that they’ll send one (or all of them) back. The four free animals come in the form of a Hermit Crab, Pretty Pelican, Baby Seal, and Cute Piglet.

According to Games.com, once you place the pets into your resort, a hand icon will occasionally appear on top of them, which will let you know that your pets desire love and attention. By keeping your pets happy, you’ll earn free shells in return, which can be used to buy even more pets! It’s a repeatable cycle of sorts, but when looking at how cute the animals up for grabs are, it’s one I would be willing to fall into.

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