Tiki Farm Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Earn More XP, Gems and Shells

Wed, May 26, 2010

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If tropical farming is your guilty pleasure, you’ve probably taken a trip or two to Playdom’s Tiki Farm on Facebook. With nearly 3.5 million daily active users logging into Tiki Farm to build their island empires, we figure it’s due time to share some tips and tricks!

Gamezebo has a full walkthrough and strategy guide, and we’ve brought their top tips to Frisky Mongoose for easy access to the most helpful info out there. Read on for tips, strategies and a full list of achievements that will help you cash in with more gems and shells, earn more XP (experience points), and build a perfect paradise in Tiki Farm.

Game Tips and Strategies

In the beginning do not spend money on decorations for your Island. Use the funds to purchase seeds that you can realistically tend to.

When planting seeds take into consideration how often you can check back into the game. If you can check in frequently you may want to grow fast growing crops and if you can only check in once a day crops that take a day or longer will give you better overall results.Tiki Farm

For the first few growing cycles sell all of your harvests for profit. Us your funds only for purchasing seeds and more plots for your farm.

Visiting Neighbors is a great way to earn cash. You will earn 5 XP and 15 Shells from each neighbor you Visit.

Send out invitations daily to recruit more Neighbors into the game. The more Neighbors you have, the more money you will earn and the more gifts that will be sent to you increasing your overall profits.

If you receive items you can use sell them back to the store for coins.

Harvest your crops as soon as possible to earn the “Freshness Bonus” which is only available for 5 minutes after your harvest is ready. You may want to set an alarm for a few moments before so you don’t miss it. You will earn 1 extra XP per crop in the Freshness Bonus.

Bugs slow down your crops Growth Rate so make sure to check in and clear them out a few times a day.

Crops must be watered at least once every 24 hours or they will dry out. When a plot dries out the seed will slow down or stop growing.


Tiki FarmAchievements were added to Tiki Farm in January of 2010. There are currently 10 Achievements to earn, but more will be added in the future.

To see the Achievements and how close you are to completing them click on the Icon at the top right of the game screen. Each Achievement is divided into 4 awards – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

The 10 existing Achievements in Tiki Farm include:

Busy Harvester - This award is earned by harvesting crops.

Thatch Mogul – This award is earned by purchasing buildings and placing them on your Island.

Moku Banker – This award is earned by making money.

Shopmaniac – This award is earned by spending Shell Coins in the Store.

Popular Islander – This award is earned by adding Neighbors.

Tiki Tender – This award is earned by helping out your Neighbors when they ask.

Share Cropper – This award is earned by sending Unique gifts to your Neighbors.

Spoiled Islander – This award is earned by receiving gifts from your Neighbors.

Magic Addict – This award is earned by purchasing small fertility dolls.

Tree Nut – This award is earned by purchasing and planting Macadamia Trees.

Tiki Farm

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