Tiki Farm Sees a Volcanic Upgrade

Tue, Jun 1, 2010

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As Playdom has said on the Tiki Farm fan page on Facebook, “Dormant volcanoes are so 2009.”

“But, Brandy, it’s not 2009 anymore,” I hear you saying. Of course not, which is why Playdom has gone to work on releasing a new item in the game that will allow you to change your dormant, boring volcano into an animated version, complete with bubbling, flowing lava.

Unfortunately, you have to be at least level 15 in the game to purchase the item, but once you are, you’ll find the new Drizzling Volcano item under the Decorations tab of the marketplace. While it is available for Shells, rather than Facebook Credits, you will have needed to save up your Shells in order to afford it, as it costs a whopping 110,000 Shells.

Is it worth it? Let us know in the comments – are you find with your standard volcano, or is the added animation here something you simply have to have?

Also, while you’re browsing the store, take a second to make note of the addition of the new red “New” ribbons on each new item. While you still might have to scroll through long lists of items in the store, at least now you’ll easily be able to find any new items you may wish to purchase.

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