Thursday Web: Longer YouTube Time Limit & Safari Extensions

Thu, Jul 29, 2010

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Today must be known as the day the internet had tons of news about itself, because most of the news found today is all about the web and its constant changes. The stories are YouTube Upping the time limit on uploaded videos and Apple officially launching a Safari extensions gallery.

YouTube Increases Time Limit to 15 Minutes

YouTube announced today that it has increased the limit from 10 minutes to 15 for all accounts. This change comes after the company recently announced it had upped its copyright protection controls which includes the Content ID system (a system that automatically detects pieces of copyright materials from TV shows to music to movies). With the Content ID improving constantly, YouTube felt it was fair to allow uploaders a bit more lenience in the time limit respect.

Along with the added time, YouTube is launching a new contest that they are calling “15 Minutes of Fame” which asks users to upload the best 15 minute video possible. To enter, simply upload a 15 minute video and tag it with “yt15minutes”. Entries will be accepted until August 4th.

Safari Extension Gallery Launched

Believe it or not, Apple does have other news that doesn’t revolve around the iPhone as their Safari browser just launched the Extensions gallery officially today. As of now, there are not many extensions available but there will likely be more coming very soon. The featured extensions for today are:

  • Twitter for Safari
  • Bing Highlights
  • Toolbar
  • New York Times Updates
  • My eBay Manager
  • Add to Amazon Wish List

If you’d like to try out some of these extensions for yourself, make sure to update your Safari to 5.0.1 and check out the gallery.
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