Thursday Throwdown: We Farm or Farm Story? You Decide!

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

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Welcome to another edition of the Thursday Throwdown here on Frisky Mongoose! Before we get to this week’s proceedings, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s Throwdown, that pitted Super Fun Town against Hello City. While the poll is still open for all those who would like to take part, the current results have Hello City winning by an absolutely overwhelming margin, with a whopping 91% of the vote.

For this week’s Throwdown, we take a break from the world of Facebook games in an effort to compare to of the largest farming games available on the iPhone – ngmoco’s We Farm, and TriplePoint client TeamLava’s Farm Story.

For those who are just beginning in the world of iPhone games, both We Farm and Farm Story can be described as allowing you to start your own farm, plant crops, raise animals and add decorations in order to give said farms a more personalized feel. Both apps are free to play, but can be expanded through the use of premium currencies.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between the games is in the way We Farm allows you to plant crops or raise animals in the first place. Everything in We Farm is done via the use of “Farm” patches or through animal raising structures like pens or bird cages. You are limited in the number of both farm plots and animal buildings you can own at any one time on your farm based on your level. In Farm Story, this isn’t the case, as you can plow and plant on as many squares as your land space and pocketbook allows for, and you can raise as many animals as you want, so long as you have reached a high enough level to unlock them in the market.

An example farm in We Farm

While this might make We Farm seem like an app that limits your growth (since animals and crops are two large money makers and experience point earners in both games), we must keep in mind that ngmoco continually adds other structures, like vehicles, dairy barns, gazebos, and even trees, all of which work on a timer, and can be “cashed out” every few hours (or sometimes at a rate of once a day or less frequently) to earn the additional funds and experience points that you could have earned had you been allowed to plow more land or own more animals.

An example farm in Farm Story

Another large difference between the games comes when describing the social aspects of both titles. For We Farm, ngmoco utilizes the Plus+ social network, meaning that you’ll only be able to visit the farms of those individuals with whom you are friends with on Plus+, and only then if they actually have a farm to visit (meaning they would have had to play the game at one point or another in the past). When visiting a friend, you can place an order at one of their empty buildings or establishments (those vehicles, dairy barns and other structures we spoke of earlier). Your friend will be sent a push notification alerting them to your order, and if they fulfill it, coins and experience points will be awarded.

The friends bar in We Farm

In the case of Farm Story (which uses the Storm8 social network), the social features are much more open, allowing you to visit anyone in the community, and in fact choose which members you’d like to visit from the randomized list of farms that appears in the game’s social menu. Once on another player’s farm, you can water their crops or trees, which earns you points on your Star Rating (think a reputation meter), with five points being available for each person you visit.

Farm Story's social listings

In addition, each user has a wall that can be posted on, allowing you to tell the user that you helped on their farm, perhaps in the hopes that they’ll help you as well, or, you can leave your Storm8 username in the hopes that they’ll add you as a friend.

In addition to these larger differences, there are also some smaller differences to take into account. Here are a few:

  • Farm Story allows for crop mastery, with each square of the crop that you plant and harvest earning you points towards mastering the crop. We Farm does not allow for this.
  • As of this writing, Farm Story offers Game Center integration, although this does nothing other than simply allow for you to earn achievements based on mastering crops, with an achievement being available for each crop in the game.
  • Some animals in Farm Story cost gems, the game’s premium currency to purchase, while We Farm animals are all coin based, since they are purchased inside the aforementioned animal buildings.
  • We Farm uses a system of Gro for its premium currency, which allows you to boost the growth of animals or crops, so that they can be harvested and/or sold faster. This is also used to purchase premium items from the store, like more buildings that can be used to purchase money in the future.
  • We Farm contains a farm house, that expands and becomes more grandiose in nature as you level up and expand your farm. Farm Story’s farm houses can be purchased from the store (mostly for premium currency), but they are unchanged, and are purely decorative, rather than being tied into the land expansion system.
  • Both games allow for you to invite friends to play (directly from the app) via Facebook Connect, but only We Farm allows you to also invite friends via Twitter.
  • You can send free gifts to your friends in Farm Story, while no such feature exists in We Farm.

As usual, we could go on and on comparing and contrasting both of these games, but when it comes to deciding which game is the best, we turn to you, our readers, for the answer.

So which game is the best? We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to answer that question, by simply voting in the poll below. Once you’ve voted for which game you think is best, let us know why you chose the way you did in the comments at the bottom of this post. We’d love to hear what you think!

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