Thursday Throwdown: Super Fun Town or Hello City? You Decide!

Thu, Sep 16, 2010

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Welcome to another installment of the Thursday Throwdown, a feature here on Frisky Mongoose that compares two of your favorite games, apps, clients, etc. and then lets you decide which is best! Before we move onto this week’s event, let’s take a quick recap of last week’s Throwdown.

Last week, we compared CrowdStar’s Zoo Paradise to RockYou!’s Zoo World, and you guys made your voices heard loud and clear, as Zoo World pulled in over 300 more votes that Zoo Paradise, to take the contest with 62% of the vote.

This week, we transfer from the world of zoo games to that of city builders, by comparing CrowdStar’s Hello City with Iwi’s Super Fun Town. According to the latest AppData figures, Hello City now sits at a comfortable 2.4 million players, while Super Fun Town is holding steady at around 780,000 users (down from its peak of 2 million, making the game comparable in the long run).

If someone were unfamiliar with both titles, it would be entirely accurate to describe both games as those that allow you to build your very own city from scratch, adding residential buildings for your citizens to live in and businesses for them to patronize. However, while these two city-builders share that much in common, they also have a few striking differences.

Perhaps the largest difference between the two games is in the methodology of adding new citizens to your town. While in Hello City, some of your population is visible, in the form of tiny little sprites walking around the landscape, that number of people being increased as you play the game or simply by building residential structures, in Super Fun Town, the system is much more complex.

A sample city in Super Fun Town

Here, citizens are added to the game via the in-game bus stop, and it’s up to you to build them homes to settle into. Each home as a limit in terms of how many people can reside within it, forcing you to build block after block of residential structures to accomodate your ever growing population.

A sample town in Hello City

The method for earning money in both games is also very different. While Hello City started very much like Super Fun Town, offering the ability to hire out contracts that completed after a specific amount of time, that system in Hello City has instead been changed. Depending on how many businesses you have in your town at once, you’ll gain more profits instantly when logging in every six or more hours. In Super Fun Town, the system of starting contracts and then waiting for them to complete, only to come back and cash them out later still applies.

Hello City's Store

That being said, both games allow you ways of earning additional money, which can then be spent on land expansions, new homes, or new businesses. In Hello City, you have a refillable energy gauge that can be spent on your businesses to play a sort of mini-game, where your clicking on a building creates a ripple effect, leading out from the building’s core for a small distance. If it touches a citizen that happens to be walking by the building, a ripple will form from the citizen and continue outward, creating new ripples as they touch new citizens, adding more coins to your total. When the ripple dies out, you’re given a specific amount of experience points (an addition to your population) and bonus coins that appear on the ground for you to pick up.

Super Fun Town's Store

In Super Fun Town, the additional coins come from moving your friends into your homes and businesses. While you can earn profits without doing so, by simply moving a friend into each home, or making a friend work at each of your businesses, your profits over time increase with bonus coins for doing so.

Just as both games contain some major, gameplay altering differences, they also contain some minor differences and even comparisons. Here are a few:

  • In Super Fun Town, you can change the color of your homes by painting the roofs, walls, and so on, with Hello City doesn’t allow you to do this.
  • Hello City’s land expansions require a specific amount of people to be living in your town before they are available to purchase. They cost a specific amount of coins or Facebook Credits, regardless of your in-game neighbor count. In Super Fun Town, land expansions are discounted depending on the number of neighbors you have.
  • When visiting a friend’s town in Hello City, you can use your own energy at their buildings to enter the same mini-game we spoke of earlier, while in Super Fun Town, the process of visiting your friends allows you to “donut” their buildings, which gives your friends more coins when they log back into the game.
  • Since you can hire your friends in Super Fun Town, those friends who play the game can “punch in” to their shift in your city at any time. This gives you bonus coins for doing so. Of course, since Hello City doesn’t allow you to hire your friends, this system doesn’t apply there.
  • In Hello City, you can upgrade your businesses and residential buildings, while in Super Fun Town, you can not.

As usual, we could go on for much longer discussing the differences and comparisons between these two games, but when it comes to deciding which game is better, we turn to you, the games’ fans for the answer.

So which game is better? Let us know what you think by voting in the handy-dandy poll below, and then share your thoughts with us – let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments at the bottom of this post. We’d love to hear what you think!

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