Thursday Throwdown Results: Fans Put Tiki Resort on Top of Happy Island [UPDATE]

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

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Last week, we took a look at Playdom’s Tiki Resort and CrowdStar’s Happy Island in our Thursday Throwdown. While the two games have less than 10 million users each, that didn’t stop you guys from coming out in force, as more than 11,000 readers voted in this week’s poll, which asked you guys to choose which game was best.

While Happy Island players made a huge comeback later in the week, their efforts still weren’t enough to overcome the slew of Tiki Resort fans who also voted. The results of our poll, as of this writing, see Tiki Resort with 53% of the vote (5,848 votes) to Happy Island’s 47% (5,236 votes).

Now that Tiki Resort has come out on top, we’re anxiously awaiting to see what prize Tiki Resort fans will be given, thanks to a promise made by Playdom, that if the game should win in our poll, everyone would be in for a surprise.

Be sure to stick with us as we discover what that surprise turns out to be, and check back next week as we take a look at two more Facebook games in another Thursday Throwdown!

UPDATE: So, the folks at Playdom have announced the prize for beating Happy Island, and we’re thinking you guys are going to like it. What’s the prize? It’s a free Lucky Charm, a limited edition Charm that was first released around St. Patrick’s Day that will charm all of the tourists on your island, meaning that they’ll stick around on your island longer, thereby putting more cash in your virtual pocketbook – how cool is that?! Want to get your own free Lucky Charm in celebration of the game’s win in our Thursday Throwdown poll? Click here to do so.

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