Thursday Appdate: Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Thu, Apr 25, 2013

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There are times, when the iOS App Store has its Thursday refresh, that the heavens part, and a new app emerges from on high, heralded by rainbows, flanked by a pod of majestic sky dolphins, as the glorious melody of a unicorn’s whinny rings out above the sound of “Always” by Erasure. Today, literally all of those things are possible in a single game: Robot Unicorn Attack 2, granted to us mobile mortals from the magical realms of Adult Swim Games. It’s everything an endless runner about a robot unicorn should be, and more, improving on its predecessor in many, many ways.

If you were attacked by the prior Robot Unicorn, the basic formula is familiar to you: your magnificent steed gallops through a dreamscape of floating cliffs, relying on your tapping finger to jump across chasms and power-dash through crystal stars while collecting pixies and teardrops. The improved animation and art is only one facet of the sequel, though, which now adds new daily levels, a progression of goals and daily challenges, and a community-based mode where two teams — Rainbow and Inferno — must race for glory to complete daily competitions.

Perhaps most important to the Robot Unicorn experience is the music, and yes, Erasure is back, but they’re not alone. Several new background tracks are available for in-app purchase alongside the original, including my guilty selection, “Never Ending Story” by Limahl. Once you’re done customizing the music, of course, you can move on to other customizations, like new tails, wings, horns, and other horse accessories that boost your many magical powers.

Most fitting of all, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is free; free like a gallant steed gliding across the sky while whales lazily float past in the background, singing their songs of encouragement to us all. Please go get this game.

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