THQ Announces Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth for iPhone

Thu, May 27, 2010

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Slide to Play has the word on Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth, the latest Star Wars game for iPhone that is set to be released just about any day now.

The new game is developed by Fluffylogic and is a tower defense strategy game based off of scenes from the classic Star Wars movies. You are in command of the Rebel Alliance and it’s up to you to defend the shield generators from destruction by the Imperial Army. As with most tower defense games, the enemies come from one side of the screen attempting to reach the other side.

In order to stop the enemies, you’ll need to buy certain items with Command Points and place them strategically along the map. Destroying these enemies nets you more points and allows you to build while the battle still rages on. Along with planting new units, you will be allowed to upgrade existing ones as necessary.

Highlights of the units that you’ll have available are: Soliders, Heavy Soldiers, 1.4 FD P-Tower Laser Cannons, X-Wing Control Towers, Viper Probe Droids, Snowtroopers, 74-Z Speeder Bikes, AT-ST Walkers, TIE Fighters, and the gigantic AT-AT Walkers.

This is very exciting news in that you’ll be able to relive the classic battle of Hoth right on your teeny tiny iPhone screen.

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    When will they release the iPad version?