Thoroughbred World is Surprisingly Portable

Thu, Aug 16, 2012

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I do not know many things about horses. As a result, years ago, I was terribly injured in a horse-riding accident. That is not a joke; I was honestly sent to the hospital after being thrown from a horse. So, my inexperience with horses is well-documented, but the one thing I did learn is that horses are very large animals, not to be trifled with. I would not have expected them to fit so neatly into a computer monitor. Still, that’s what’s been accomplished today by The Jockey Club, a TriplePoint client and the official breed registry for North American Thoroughbreds. They have released Thoroughbred World, a social/mobile title where players can raise and race a terrifying equine of their very own. I, meanwhile, will be way over here, avoiding further injury, but the rest of you should feel free to play the new horse sim from the official experts on the subject.

From the press release:

The Jockey Club today announced the release of Thoroughbred World, its first social and mobile game. Thoroughbred World provides an unmatched, authentic Thoroughbred horse training and breeding experience from building the first paddock to entering the Winners’ Circle. The game is available now on Facebook, and coming to iOS in the early fall.

Thoroughbred World combines the best gameplay elements of a sim builder and a resource manager. Players create the ultimate beautiful racehorse in custom training facilities, improving agility, balance, stamina and speed through a series of mini-games. Once their dream horse is prepared, players enter races against other players to win in-game currency and other items.

You can play Thoroughbred World on Facebook right now, if your health insurance is paid up.

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