This New Treasure Isle Fruit is On Fire!

Fri, Jun 11, 2010

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As we told you yesterday, the Treasure Isle team at Zynga is hard at work readying Fire God Mountain for its launch in the game (which will apparently happen sooner, rather than later).

First, we’ve been given a new fan page to “Like” about the mountain, containing teasers and pictures of this new, and apparently massive digging location, we were given a mysterious egg to place on our islands (an egg which will apparently only hatch once inside Fire Mountain), and now, we’ve been given the ability to send new Lava Mangos to our friends from the game’s free gifts page.

The Lava Mangos, despite literally being on fire, will function in the same way as all other pieces of fruit in the game do by replenishing your energy total by 20 points. However, there’s a catch, as the Lava Mangos can only be eaten while inside a volcano, which Fire God Mountain just so happens to be.

While Fire God Mountain still isn’t available to explore, Zynga is suggesting that all users stock up on this new kind of fruit for our eventual journey into the heat and darkness of the volcanic underground. Head over to the game’s page to start sending some of these to friends, in the hopes that they’ll return the favor.

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