They Need To Be Fed Coming to PSP

Sat, May 15, 2010

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The indie platformer They Need To Be Fed has had a big year: it won top prize at the YoYo Games Competition, earned developer Jesse Venbrux a $1,000 cash prize, and now a deal to port the game onto the Sony PlayStation Portable.

As reported by Joystiq, the game will be available for download on PSN for the PSP as early as this summer. If you are unfamiliar with the title, it plays like “a 2D version of Super Mario Galaxy.” The fiction is simple: an ancient civilization of super beings is about to starve to death, and your goal is to feed them as clearly, They Need To Be Fed. To do this, you will have to navigate little man-like creatures across a 2D board, jumping from platform to platform to your final goal, the slavering maw of a hungry being. Each platform has a unique movement and gravity that you will have to utilize to get you from point A to point B. There are also checkpoints and diamonds to collect as well; the diamonds unlock levels.

If you want to check it out, you can download the PC version here.

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