These New Restaurant City Recipes are Straight from the Ocean

Wed, May 26, 2010

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This week’s new item theme in Restaurant City is “Under the Sea,” and, just as it sounds, it will contain a slew of underwater goodies when it releases in full later this week. However, as of now, we can start setting an aquatic mood in our restaurants by changing our menus to serve the newest recipes that are now available in the game.

Under the Starters section of the menu, you’ll find the first dish, which comes in the form of Garlic and Butter Prawns. As the name suggests, the dish requires one Butter ingredient, one Prawn, and one Garlic, as well as a Lemon ingredient to learn. It’s not a limited time only dish, meaning that you can accumulate the required ingredients at your leisure, without the fear of the recipe expiring from your menu.

The other new recipe is found under the “Main” heading, and it introduces an entirely new ingredient to the game. The recipe is called “Chili Crabs” and it requires three ingredients to learn – a single Chili ingredient, and two Crabs. It too is a permanent addition to the game, with no time limit associated with it, as of this writing.

So, how do you get your virtual hands on this new Crab ingredient? First, you can either buy it from the game’s ingredient store for 6 Playfish Cash each, or you can go the free route, and take advantage of the Crab’s addition to the game’s free gifts menu. The Crab replaces the Sugar ingredient that was found on the page last week, and is available to send to friends as normal. Of course, sticking with this method requires that you receive the Crab as an ingredient yourself, but if you start sending them to friends, we’re sure they’ll return the favor.

Just as with previous item themes, there is a reason to collect a lot of Crab ingredients, as Playfish is offering users who can master the recipe (raise it to level 10) a free Sunken Ship Prow item. According to the item’s description (which can be found in the new Treasure Chest, which keeps track of your progress on these special “masterable” dishes), there will apparently be a Sunken Ship Stern released later in the week, when the full theme makes a splash in the game, as this Prow will help us “complete the set.”

Also keep in mind that the Chili is still available to send as a gift as well, which will also help in your quest to learn the Chili Crabs recipe. Head over to the game’s page to see if you have the ingredients necessary to learn the Garlic and Butter Prawns recipe, or to send your friends some Crabs today!

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