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Mon, Mar 26, 2012

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Where do you fall on the Bartle Test of MMO players? Wait, actually, don’t answer that; I don’t care. It turns out, no matter what your particular yen is for massive multiplayer mayhem, Mythos Global has you covered. That’s the friendly reminder that TriplePoint client Redbana issued this morning, along with videos to prove it — offering glimpses of what’s on offer for crafty crafters, collector’s-item item collectors, and achievement achievers.

In their own words:

In Mythos Global, the deep crafting system goes several steps further beyond the typical “find items and assemble” routine seen in many traditional MMOs. The crafting video details the depth Mythos’ crafting systems offers in how players can distribute skill points across the branching crafting tree. Master crafters will enjoy the option to advance and customize their crafting abilities.

The tedious, tiresome process of grinding for a single item is not something players will experience in the land of Uld. Mythos Global wants its players to be able to experience fighting with powerful weapons. The item hunting video quickly shows the wide array of items available to strengthen playable characters.

In Mythos Global, achievements aren’t just for bragging rights—they can also be equipped for stat bonuses! The over-achiever that dwells inside many MMO players will not be disappointed by the game’s achievement and title system. With over a thousand achievements to unlock, players are always looking to the sky for their next milestone.

The videos, and the full press release, are over this way.

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