The Wonderland Tea Party Theme Continues in Restaurant City

Wed, May 12, 2010

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Similar to the Japanese theme we saw a few weeks ago (which lasted for three weeks), this week sees Playfish offering a continuation on last week’s theme, Wonderland Tea Party, with the introduction of new recipes, and, later in the week, new items.

Just like last week, the two new recipes here are found on the Dessert and Drinks section of the game’s menu. The first, the Eat Me recipe, is a companion to the Drink Me recipe we saw introduced last week, but this Eat Me recipe is actually a dessert cake (rather than a drink), and is appropriately found on that tab of the menu. It is a limited-time-only recipe, meaning that you’ll need to gather the four ingredients necessary to learn it – Saffron, an Apple, Vanilla and Sugar – within the next 20 days, or the recipe will be lost from you, presumably for forever.

Likewise, the new drink recipe, High Tea, is also only available for the next 20 days. While it only requires three ingredients to learn – Tea Leaves, Milk, and Water – all three are five star ingredients, meaning that they’re the rarest of the rare in the game, so if you don’t have them already, you might want to start offering trades to your friends that do have them (or even multiples of them) to make sure you can learn the recipe in time.

The full set of (week 2) Wonderland Tea Party items will be released later this week. Be sure to follow Frisky Mongoose’s account on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook using the convenient Wibiya toolbar below to ensure you receive the news when it happens.

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