The Unwither Ring Has Been Re-Released in FarmVille

Sat, Jun 26, 2010

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If you weren’t playing FarmVille back in February, you missed out on the initial release of the Unwither Ring, an incredibly convenient tool of sorts that, once received (as a gift) prevents crops from withering on your farm. This isn’t a temporary upgrade – once you have an Unwither Ring in your possession, you’ll never have to worry about your crops withering – ever.

The item was only available earlier this year, and many had thought that they had missed their chance at the ring entirely, but Zynga has decided to offer the ring in the game’s store once again. The Unwither Ring’s price hasn’t changed – the convenience and peace of mind of never having to worry about withering crops will cost you 250 Farm Cash. However, the color has changed – what was once a ring in a red box (for Valentine’s Day) is now a pretty pale blue box.

Additionally, back in February, we weren’t allowed to purchase the rings for ourselves – they had to be gifts. But now, you can either purchase one for use on your own farm, or send it to a friend as a gift.

As with the ring’s initial release, your time to purchase the Unwither Ring is once again running out, as the ring will only be available in the store for the next 6 days, from the time of this writing. Are you thrown off by the price? Or will this be the next item you frantically rush to purchase in the game?

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