The Top iPhone Games of 2010 Thus Far

Fri, Jul 2, 2010

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GameZebo has posted a list showcasing the top iPhone games of 2010 so far, with many of the games showing the strength of the platform. WARNING: A good number of these, if not all, of these games are highly addictive and could cause a loss of productivity entirely. Read at your own risk.

  • Tilt to Live – “How do you play Tilt to Live? Just pick that bad boy up and tilt. Tilt for your life! Lure relentless red foes over to a handy, dandy nuke orb, then ram it and blow the bajeezes out of them. Think you can exterminate your enemies faster than they can multiply? Think again.”
  • Carcassonne – “Build a medieval landscape, tile by tile, claim landmarks with your followers and score points. As a winner of the prestigious “Spiel des Jahres” award in 2001, the game allows for a plethora of play styles and strategies. If you like social gaming or board games you will love Carcassonne!”
  • Chaos Rings – “CHAOS RINGS takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s capabilities. Using a classic game system that any RPG fan will enjoy, it presents an epic tale consisting of four different scenarios, all brought to you with gorgeous sound and unbelievably smooth 3D graphics.”
  • Tumbledrop – “Tumbledrop is cute, addictive and occasionally maddening. It’s a physics-based puzzle game from game designer Hayden Scott-Baron.”
  • Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! – “Shawnimals and Venan Entertainment have joined forces to bring you the ultimate Ninjatown arcade experience on the App Store! Adorable characters and top-notch production values combine to create a memorable world and addictive gameplay unlike anything else.”
  • 100 Rogues – “100 Rogues is an arcade-style dungeon crawling adventure for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Maps, monsters and loot all generate randomly, making each playthrough a new experience. You won’t find another game that looks, plays, or sounds like 100 Rogues, as it’s got fully animated 2D pixel art, and classic videogame-style music.”
  • Devil Invasion – A Bejeweled-esque action puzzle game that requires you move in a hexagonal fashion, rather than horizontal.
  • Fruit Ninja – “Swipe your finger across the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of bombs – they are explosive to touch and will put a swift end to your juicy adventure!”
  • The Horrible Vikings – “Set sail on the high seas and guide a small group of Vikings as they pillage, plunder and kidnap their way to riches. In your quest for gold you will launch Vikings high into the air and literally crush your enemies. By landing on them. You will kidnap the princess and use the ransom money to buy a better ship to kidnap the princess so you can ransom her again so you can buy a better ship! You will eat meat of indeterminant origin!”
  • Sigma – “Harness the power of multi-touch to independently spin two columns of blocks. Tap to shoot blocks from side to side creating matches then quickly tag on additional blocks before the match detonates. Clear huge block clusters to earn big points and big power ups. Match the same color consecutively to create an escalating point multiplier. Progress through the three difficulties of Sector Mode to unlock themes. Compete for a high score in one of the three times in Time Attack Mode. Go head to head with a friend over WiFi or Bluetooth in Versus Mode.”
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