The Taunts of Bejeweled Blitz

Wed, Nov 11, 2009

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Sometimes my Bejewelled Blitz biorhythms just aren’t going to be there. I can’t bring my A game every game. Do I not want it badly enough? Bejewelled Blitz sure thinks so.  A holder of many a 250k+ medal but, human, all too human.  Whoops!

BB Taunt 1

This is a delicate nudge to give the causal game player, but Popcap pulls it off.  The taunts only kick in after certain behaviors or scores are established — it would be a poor path to cultivating users otherwise.  Is it the cavalier tone of the text?  The satire inherent in the brick’s august, nay, celestial setting?  Do I not get any credit for my 299k score earlier!!??  OK, just one more minute, Go!  To give negative as well as positive reinforcements only increases my respect for the game.

Facebook has proliferated games with achievements.  But that’s an everyone-is-above-average approach that in the end doesn’t respect the gamer.  Carrots and sticks – one thing other game such as Mafia Wars can do as well (in losing a war) — the path to true respect within causal gaming.

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