The Specialty Cookbook Will Soon Unlock in Cafe World

Fri, Jul 9, 2010

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If you head into your cookbook in Cafe World, you’ll see that Zynga has opened up the ability to click on the “Specialty” section of the cookbook. Doing so will show you 17 recipe books, each representing a different country or type of cuisine.

The 17 cookbooks are for American, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, French, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Breakfast, Alien, BBQ, Vegetarian, Fantasy, Seafood, Dessert, Fast Food and Filipino foods. You’ll see a “Levels Mastered” line at the bottom of each book, and depending on how active you have been in trying to master dishes, your numbers on each book will vary.

Clicking on any of the books is as far as you can go in the event, as of this writing, as you are informed that “Cuisine Cookbooks are coming soon!” and that we’ll be able to “Master more Cuisine Dishes to unlock special rewards!”

Want to see how far you’ve traveled in each type of cuisine? Head over to the game’s page now.

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