The Remaining Mafia Wars Property Bars Have Been Overhauled

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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If you’ve grown past the stages of Mafia Wars Cuba and Moscow and find yourself forgetting to collect from your properties in those locations, you may or may not be pleased to learn that Zynga’s overhaul of the New York properties page has made its way the rest of the locations in the game.

Simply put, you still own all of the properties you originally did, they are now just presented in a horizontal line, similar to that of the New York properties page. If you had already upgraded your properties to the highest level in the traditional format, the upgrade will have carried over.

Using Cuban properties as an example, this means that buildings like the Tobacco Plantations and Factories will automatically be at level 30, unable to be upgraded any further. Conversely, if you had yet to upgrade a property to its highest point, you’ll find that the property’s level will reflect that accordingly.

For cities like Moscow and Cuba, you’ll also find a new property that’s been added to the list. For Cuba, you can purchase a Bodega, and in Moscow, you can invest in an Unlicensed Taxi Stand. Both properties add to your total hourly income, but at the time of this writing, can not be upgraded past level 1.

Just like the former property setup, you’ll have to remember to head over to the game’s page on a regular basis to collect from your properties, or else miss out on the funds that they bring into your family. Make sure to collect from your own properties so that that doesn’t happen.

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