TGIF: HarperCollins Tot Apps, Digimon Guilds, Internet TV and Land of Chaos Launch

Happy Friday, folks!  TGIF is the name of the game today – let’s spell out a few good reasons to Thank ‘Goose It’s Friday… Shall we?

Several TriplePoint clients, including HarperCollins, WeMade Entertainment, Metrological and burda:ic, announced noteworthy updates this week, and we’ve got the scoop:

T (is for Tot Learning Apps)

Since summer is ending for our young ones, how can we console their back-to-school grief?  Enter HarperCollins Children’s Books’ – a new breed of iPhone and iPad apps that are both fun and educational for your Tots. Let’s start with the ABC Song. No singing required.  All you have to do is tune into the App Store and check out a fun game that is all about the alphabet.  Once your tot knows the lyrics, march over to the next new release from HarperCollins, 123: Ants Go Marching, which builds basic math and language skills.  Each new app is a steal at $0.99.  See, and you thought education tuition was expensive!

G (is for Guilds in Digimon Battle)

If you’re a little too old for learning your ABCs, you are probably more intrigued by a new Guild System in Digimon Battle.  The fans have spoken and the digi-team at WeMade Entertainment has listened.  Guilds were one of several new features recently added to the MMORPG.  Among other updates, the guild system allows members to chat among friends and manage membership more easily.   These updates remind us that any game can digi-volve to new levels, with the right features done the right way.

I (is for Internet TV Experience)

Metrological Media Innovations, a member of the famous Intel®, is teaming up with 2L Alliance, Prodrive, Softkinetic and Optrima, to bring about Internet Television Experience in time for IBC 2010.  What does THAT mean?  It means Metrological is going to launch the world’s most complete all-in-one media player.  No longer will your TV and computer be in separate rooms, but now on one device. With Internet TV Experience, viewers can simultaneously access an extensive range of next-generation web-based media.  That’s one giant leap toward easier technological multitasking.

F (is for Free-to-Play Online)

Actually, the current master of multitasking is none other than burda:ic, the team behind the much-anticipated Land of Chaos Online MMORPG (a Free-to-Play online game).  Not only did burda:ic launch Land of Chaos Online this week, but their existing online (and also free-to-play) third-person-shooter, S4 League has a new Battle Royal Mode.  As Land of Chaos opens with 12 characters to choose from, S4 League’s new Battle Royal Mode lets up to a dozen players (yes, 12) fight head to head. Holy MMO, mongoose!

This week, TriplePoint clients put the TGI back in TGIF – because it’s not just the lead-up to the weekend, but a much more exciting weekend when you have time to experience the latest and greatest for Tots, digi-Guilds, Internet TV, and Free-to-Play games.

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