The New FarmVille Gifts Acceptance Page is Great, or is It?

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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Recently, Zynga made a few technical changes to the user interface in FarmVille. Starting with the new ability to accept the game’s gift requests from within the game’s page, and moving to the ability to click a single time on trees and animals to harvest them, things have become a bit easier to work with around the farm. However, nothing is perfect, and as a heads up to our fellow farmers, we’d like to point out a few of the more intricate details concerning these tweaks, in an effort to help you avoid the confusion that has reared its head in some respects.

First, as we told you a few days ago, you can now accept your FarmVille free gift requests from the game’s main page. When you access FarmVille, the game will automatically transfer you to a gifts acceptance screen, where you can easily and quickly accept many gifts in a row, without having to accept them individually via links found off of the Facebook home page.

Meet the new FarmVille gifts acceptance screen.

Do you choose to play the old way, or the new way?

However, when you accept these gifts, the gift requests remain on said home page. Then, the next time you attempt to accept gifts in the “old fashioned” way, you’ll be met with error messages when clicking on these already accepted gifts. Sure, you’ve already accepted the gifts in-game, so you’re not losing any items, but this is an inconvenience for those who receive lots of requests every day, as it becomes difficult to remember which requests you’ve already addressed from within the game proper.


The easiest ways to avoid this involve skipping the new in-game gift acceptance feature altogether, in favor of the traditional method, or the opening of a new tab, so that you can click “ignore” on the traditional requests as you click “accept” on the requests in-game. An extra step? Definitely, but it helps in your own organization – if you play as many Facebook games as we do, you’ll know that organization is key.

Clicking on "Play FarmVille" allows you to skip this step, if you'd prefer.

Next, be on the lookout for the new, automatically appearing gift box / storage shed sub-menu in the FarmVille menu. Originally, you had to click on the gift box, wait for said sub-menu to appear and then choose between the gift box and the storage shed. Now, simply hovering over the gift box makes the menu appear, and if you click, it can actually make the menu disappear, so take note of this new change.

Finally, when it comes to some items (we’re assuming this will be rolled out to all items in the near future), when you remove them from your gift box, the box itself will automatically refresh and pop back up into view. Previously, users had to click on the gift box for each item they wanted to use, adding extra clicks and a few seconds of wasted time to a gameplay session. Now, though, the reappearing gift box allows you to manage items in more rapid succession. However, with this new change comes the ability to accidentally click the “Sell” or “Use” buttons on items that you weren’t ready to deal with in the game, until you can become used to the fact that the gift box won’t go away until you physically “x” it out.

Are any of these problems deal-breakers? From my perspective, they’re most certainly not. What they are, however, are new features that seemed great in theory, and work well enough in practice, but must be acclimated to before they become truly great.

Let us know your thoughts on these interface changes in the comments. Did you even notice the changes, or are you someone who has cursed Zynga’s existence since they were released? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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  • Ufg-vrr

    i have two acconts but thisd only appear on one in tthe other she opens the reqs page

  • Brandy Shaul

    Having two accounts is actually against both the Facebook terms of service and Zynga’s terms of service. You could either be banned from playing said Zynga games, or have your accounts blocked on Facebook altogether. Play at your own risk!

  • guest

    I am in a group of friends that play this game. Some get the new menu and others don’t. Does it just appears at startup, or is there a way to call this new menu ?

  • guest

    I am in a group of friends that play this game. Some get the new menu and others don’t. Does it just appears at startup, or is there a way to call this new menu ?

  • Brandy Shaul

    If you’re speaking of the Zynga Messaging Center, then you’re not alone. That feature “broke” quite a while ago, and has yet to be turned back in on full. Games like Cafe World have a ZMC that runs perfectly, so one can only assume that it’s a matter of time before Zynga returns FarmVille’s to all users, in a working order.