The Game of Real Life: Ultimate Social Game Beginner’s Memorandum

Tue, Aug 10, 2010

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You want everything to be a black and white battle of good vs. evil. You want to go out, conquer your dreams, and come home with something to show for it. In some ways, every decision, every move you make is permanent, driving life forward through endless twists & turns to find direction. On the other hand, you never really know which way is forward until you’re looking back. The game of Real Life is a fleeting experience, and then it’s over.

There are no user manuals, no crystal balls, and no one has all the answers. Who’s to say there ARE any “right” answers to be found anyway? Each with its own risks, benefits, challenges and rewards… Don’t be fooled either, every Real Life game board is unique and 100% personalized – genetically varied by quality control for utmost difficulty.

There is no “warping” to a higher level, no cheat codes, and no invincibility. The game of Real Life started before you knew you were playing, and there’s no such thing as catching up. You’ve just got to dive in, hope for the best, and make up your own rules as you go along. It’s a non-optional reality game.

The game of Real Life is subscription based (aka: taxes), with more microtransactions and premium upgrades than every game you’ve ever played, combined. The real world economy is the most complicated payments system known to man, seemingly designed with aim to baffle any novice.

Real Life combines all genres – gaming, cinematic, musical… everything – it is what you want it to be, and whatever you make it. High-speed racing action, epic thriller, sports, romantic comedy, casual puzzler, adventurous exploration, FPS, RTS, and *definitely* massively-multiplayer. MMRLG (the Massively Multiplayer Real Life Game, if you please).

The development team is epic – all of mankind – and the game of Real Life has been in post-production for thousands of years. The budget? Priceless. The publisher? I’ll leave that up to you. The talent is composed of every race, religion, gender, shape, size and flavor – from huge celebrities to your next door neighbor – somebodies and nobodies across the globe and back again. We’re all stars in the game of Real Life.

There are no usernames, gamertags, handles, avatars, icons or doppelgangers. It’s real time, and usually not turn-based. The game of Real life is the most important game you’ll ever play, but there is no winner and it really only ends one way. There are no dice – you just have to stand up and make a move – no going backwards and no do-overs. No extra men, no 1-ups, just skill, soul, passion and drive.

Somewhere between your brain and your heart, the game of Real Life becomes the greatest “choose your own adventure” story of all time. But you won’t find any cheat codes, so prepare to learn how tough some options can be. Note: the game of Real Life is not fair.

Some people call on the publisher/manufacturer for guidance, but even those messages are up to the player’s discretion. Go out and battle the world, but in the end, Real Life’s greatest challengers are uncharted, single PVP territory. The only way to win big is to play hard, choose wisely and keep your head in the game.
Disclaimer (for the metaphorically challenged): the game of Real Life is not an actual game. If you’ve made it this far, you are a brave and adventurous reader, who should totally comment below. Or if you’re looking for LIFE, now you’ve found it.

Your turn!

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