The Fishing Joy Has Been Doubled!

Thu, Jul 12, 2012

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If you’re reading Frisky Mongoose from your North American internet connection, you probably never got to feel the joy that was Fishing Joy, a mobile fish-catching-and-shooting delight from TriplePoint client PunchBox Studios. What’s worse, you had fully 85 million people to be jealous of, since that’s how many downloads the game got in its native territory. Well, now you’re in luck, because you get to have approximately twice the joy! That’s how it works, right? Sequels with numbers on them represent a multiplier of the original? So, logically, Fishing Joy 2 is twice as joyous and fishy, and it’s out now.

From the press release:

Fishing Joy 2 transports players to the vibrant underwater coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea where they can test their luck at catching fish to earn coins. Fish for fifteen different types of exotic sea creatures to earn coins and buy tools to catch even larger and more valuable fish. Choose from a variety of nets, cannons, and even lasers to capture schools of fish before they swim away. Collecting coins will allow players to triumph over a dozen levels of Fishing Joy 2, but making a catch is never guaranteed. It’s up to players to figure out the probability of catching each type and size of fish. It’s a game of both strategy and chance!

Fishing Joy 2 includes a new multiplier feature where players can spend coins to multiply the weight of each shot up to 10x for the chance of earning more coins with every successful hit. However, the more coins players risk with the multiplier, the more coins they can lose as well. Once players rack up enough experience points to level up, they’ll be able to unlock new underwater scenes and earn bonuses like enhanced laser ability.

See? I told you there was a multiplier! The joy has been doubled. Get in on it!

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