The Feature Phone Still Coming on Strong

Sun, Mar 28, 2010


Yes, smartphones are the hotness right now with all their fancy apps, web browsing, GPS and WiFi capabilities. While smartphones certainly earn the write to be called elite, they haven’t earned the right to be called the majority. Feature phones (regular old cell phones with little more than a keypad) still take up 83% of the cell phone marketshare in the U.S. and several carriers are beginning to realize this number isn’t going to change quickly.

Having said that, GetJar has struck a deal to feature some of its apps on Rogers and Sprint, AT&T has introduced some online services tailored for these phones, and Opera has announced it is bringing versions of its mobile browsers to a lot of these phones as well. It’s nice to see some love for these phones as not everyone has the need or money for a fancy schmancy smartphone.

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