The Farmer’s Market Has Launched in FarmVille

Thu, May 27, 2010

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Zynga has been teasing us for weeks about a new Farmer’s Market that would be coming to the game. Well, this morning is seems like that time finally came, as the next time you go to harvest crops in the game, you’ll likely be met with a series of pop-ups, letting you know that you’ve found a bushel of crops, and subsequently what you can do with them.

Basically, finding bushels of crops can be thought of in the same way as finding perfect bunches of flowers when you grow and harvest those. If it’s the first time you’ve harvested a bushel of a particular crop, you’ll receive a free stall that can be placed somewhere on your land, and any additional bushels that you find automatically go inside it.

When you harvest bushels, your stall will start on a timer, allowing you to sell those bushels for a time period of 24 hours (if you’ve mastered the crop already, the stall will stay open longer, and when you find more bushels, it also increases its time limit). When your friends click on their own market stall, they will able to see which crops their friends are selling as well, and can purchase bushels from you (these are new bushels that do not come out of your own inventory). Friends can also shop for bushels by visiting your farm.

If the bushel your friend purchases is for a crop that they have yet to unlock in the store (because they haven’t reached a high enough level), they will be given a temporary seed license (that lasts two hours), which will allow them to plant the seed as if they had unlocked it.

Conversely, if you’d rather use the bushels yourself, you can “consume” them from within the market stall. If you’re working on mastering the crop, consuming a bushel will give you a bonus point of mastery each time you harvest the crop over a period of two hours. This means that in order to maximize your mastery boost, you’d want to consume a bushel immediately before harvesting the rest of the crops that you’ve grown.

A third option is for those who have already mastered the crop. If you have, and you still choose to consume a bushel, you’ll then receive an extra experience point for every square of the crop that you harvest for a two hour time frame.

As you might expect, each stall only holds a certain amount of bushels, and once full, you’ll be able to openly share your bushels with your friends so that you may continue to accumulate more in your stall. This is achieved by posting a news item to your wall in the same way that you would share excess flower bunches.

After opening your market stall and letting your friends have some time to buy bushels from it, you’ll likely see an arrow over the stall, letting you know that you have rewards ready to collect. When you go to collect from your stalls, you’ll be able to choose from coins, fuel, or experience points as your reward. If at any time you choose to stop selling a particular crop, you can close the Stall, returning it to its neutral state, and can harvest a different variety of crop to sell instead.

For the technical aspects of this new feature, your Market Stall can hold 50 bushels at one time, and you are allowed to hold bushels of multiple types of crops – that is, you can hold Rice, Tomato, Grape, etc. bushels all at once – not just a single crop. Furthermore, once you harvest additional crops, you can purchase more Market Stalls for 50,000 coins or 20 Farm Cash.

When you complete your harvesting of a particular crop, you’ll receive a pop-up summary of how many bushels you found, how long your stall will remain open, and you’ll be able to share the news that you’ve opened a stall on your wall as a news item, also granting you friends a free bushel just for clicking on the link provided.

As Zynga promised when first announcing this new feature, these new bushels will reduce the time necessary to master a crop by half, which is definitely a great thing. Please note that some users may not immediately have access to this new feature, as the developer has been known to roll out larger features over time (remember how long it took everyone to receive co-op farming) to better handle bugs and the like. If you don’t receive any bushels or game pop-ups surrounding this new feature, simply be patient – it’ll come to you in time.

Want to see if you can harvest these bushels of crops on your farm? Head over to the game’s page to check it out!

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  • Babi

    Sounds terribly confusing to me……

  • bigdaddy

    It told me to select my reward and when I did, I never received it. The same thing happened to my daughter. This blows……

  • Vanessa

    I selected fuel for a reward but it's neither in my tank nor in my gift box. Where did the reward go?

  • Brandy Shaul

    When you select fuel as your reward, whether you receive 5, 10, 15, etc. points, you're not receiving 5 or 10 full cans of fuel – you're receiving 5 or 10 (and so on) POINTS of fuel, that can work on 5 or 10 individual squares. So, it's highly likely that you won't notice a visual difference in your fuel bar, but it is there.

  • Mollie Hernandez

    Useful information shared..I am very happy to see this article..