The Facebook Phone & Google Voice’s Return: Mobile News Sunday

Sun, Sep 19, 2010

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Even on Sunday, the news can’t seem to stop rolling in as we head into another busy week. Today, we have the rumor that Facebook is building a phone of their own, along with the return of Google Voice apps on the iTunes App Store.

The Facebook Phone?

According to TechCrunch and sources close to the project, Facebook is indeed building a phone. Much like other popular phone manufacturers, Facebook is building the software that will power the phone and they will work with a third party for the hardware aspect.

Facebook is inherently concerned about the power of the two most popular platforms in Android and iPhone, and is understanding that they should take control of their brand when it comes to mobile. Facebook believes they would like to control the contacts list and other core functions of the phone, which is something that could only be done if they created the phone themselves.

Apparently, two high level Facebook employees, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are working on the project which is currently unknown to most Facebook staff members.

Currently, there are no other details concerning this “Facebook Phone” but we’ll keep you updated if any other information arises.

Google Voice’s Triumphant Return to the App Store

About fourteen months ago, Apple said no to any and all Google Voice applications on the App Store, effectively turning its head to any app that integrated with the service. Then, the FCC stepped in and is likely what caused Apple to loosen its neck on the App Store restrictions that were in place.

Apple has now re-invited the two most popular Google Voice apps before they were removed: GV Mobile + and GV Connect which both sell for $3 each. Google has yet to comment on this change and as to whether or not this is going to change their minds about making an app for the iPhone. For now, this is a welcome change for the many Google Voice users out there.

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