The Easter Crime Basket Event is Now Underway in Mafia Wars

Sat, Apr 3, 2010

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From now until April 9, all users in Mafia Wars are encouraged to complete the Easter Crime Basket event. Much like the St. Patrick’s Day Dublin Derby, the Easter Crime Basket event comes complete with three limited-time-only jobs, a new (crew) item collection, free gifts, and an achievement.

Before you do anything related to the new Crew Collection, it might be a good idea to start the timer running on one of the three new jobs available to participate in. You can only do one job at a time, and you’ll collect any potential bonuses (including the ultimate prize – a Thugs Bunny) after the timer has run down for that particular job. The mastery you receive therein goes to fill one cumulative bar. The three jobs are:

  • “Swipe a Faberge Egg” – 5 Minutes – Requires 30 energy and rewards you with 45 experience points along with 1% of the cumulative job mastery total. Offers a 20% chance of finding a rare Easter collectible or the Thugs Bunny.
  • “Break into a Chocolate Factory” – 8 Hours – Requires 60 energy and rewards you with 120 experience points and 12% job mastery. Offers a 70% chance of finding a rare Easter item or the Thugs Bunny.
  • “Hijack a Toy Delivery” – 24 Hours – Requires 100 energy and rewards you with 250 experience points and 20% job mastery. When completing this job, you are guaranteed to receive either a rare Easter collectible or the Thugs Bunny.

While you’re waiting for the timer to run down on the job of your choosing, you can participate in your friends’ new Crew Collection, or launch one of your own. The new collection tasks you with finding seven different Easter Eggs. As with other Crew Collections, you can post a call for help on your news feed that asks friends to help you find the four eggs (out of the total seven) that can be found in such a way.

Not only can your crew answer your call for help, but you can respond to theirs, by looking for an appropriate news item on your feed and following the instructions therein. You’ll be automatically taken to the page where the job in question is located, and a one-hour timer will be placed next to it. From there, you complete the job as normal, energy permitting, until the item drops as a random loot item. Afterward, you can post a comment to your friends letting them know you played your part in completing the collection.

The other three eggs are found by other means. The Paisley Egg can be given to your friends as a free gift from the game’s free gifts page, while the Last Year’s Egg is dropped as one of the rare Easter Collectibles in the three Easter jobs mentioned earlier. Finally, the treasured Golden Egg is received at the point of mastering the Easter job, giving you even more incentive to complete that portion of the event.

If you manage to vault the collection, and complete the three jobs to 100% mastery, you’ll receive the “How Eggsciting” achievement and bragging rights against those who weren’t so fortunate.

Head over to the game’s page to start searching for these eggs, or to complete these new jobs while there’s still time!

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