The Classic Hollywood Theme is Now Available for Your YoVille Bathroom

Wed, Jun 2, 2010

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With the holiday weekend now firmly in the past, it seems that game developers are finally getting back into the major swing of things in terms of item releases. YoVille developer Zynga is no different, as the few days of drought we’ve seen in the release of new items has ended with the release of a whole slew of bathroom related goodies in the Classic Hollywood theme.

The Bathroom section of the Classic Hollywood theme offers 58 items, and, once again, carries on in the same formula seen in items for other rooms of the home, in that there are the same basic items available, just in a multiple colors – Red, Brown, Black and Green.

For the YoCash part of this collection, you can pick up Shower Stalls, Toilets, Bathtubs, Mirrors, Scales and Flooring, among others, while spending YoCoins will net you Cabinets with inlaid sinks, standing pedestal Sinks, Soap Dispensers, Bathmats, Waste Baskets, Medicine Cabinets, Hanging Towels, Toothbrush Holders, and even a “Hollywood Paper Holder,” complete with a roll of toilet paper.

The items here can go from fairly inexpensive (the toilet paper costs just 180 coins, for instance) to downright wallet-bursting in price – over 3,000 coins for a Black Sink Cabinet or a standing Black Sink. Likewise, YoCash items like the Scales will cost you just 2 YoCash, while more extravagant items like the Black Toilet cost more, with that particular example costing 10 YoCash.

With these new items, we’re getting closer and closer to having a full Classic Hollywood theme in the game – if you’ve missed the previous item collections, released for the Living Room and Bedroom, make sure to check out our previous coverage or head over to the game’s page to see what’s available.

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