The Chef’s Special Has Returned to Cafe World

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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Earlier this week, we brought you news of Zynga’s changes to Cafe World spices, that allow you to spice your friends dishes, gaining coins and experience points for yourself, and granting them extra servings of dishes (or saving a spoiled dish from the garbage). At the time, this entirely removed the possibility to “try the Chef’s Special,” a feature that had been present when visiting neighbors’ cafes, that allowed you to virtually sample some of one of their dishes and receive coins and experience points for having a taste.

Zynga has rectified this situation however, now offering us the best of both worlds. The “Try the Chef’s Special” missions can now be triggered by clicking on the new “Eat Mission” button that appears above the green spice jar in the top right-hand corner of the gameplay screen, as seen in the image above.

Clicking on this button brings up the traditional sampling pop-up, and you’ll go through the process of trying a dish just as you did for weeks on end before this change – leaving your friends a tip and so on. However, what makes this addition  especially noteworthy is the fact that now, you don’t have to choose between sampling your friends’ dish and spicing one of their stoves – you can do both in a single visit, and receive double the amount of Cafe Points (experience points) and coins as you would have normally!

Head over to the Cafe World game page to get started on taking advantage of this new setup!

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