The Bible Online MMOG Enters Beta Testing, Amen FTW

Tue, Sep 7, 2010

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Contrary to what many of our strict, Catholic upbringings have taught us, it’s alright to play video games. German browser game developer FIAA wants to bring the faithful into the beautiful world of gaming with The Bible Online.

The Bible Online Logo

While not the first of its kind, The Bible Online is unique in that it’s a MMO with real-time strategy elements. Most Bible-themed games are strictly educational, so this is an interesting turn for the sub-genre. The game follows the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and the lives of the original followers of God, Abraham and his descendants. But FIAA takes a much more historical approach to the story with The Bible Online.

The Bible Online gameplay

After creating your custom character from a selection of avatar portraits and username, you’ll enter the world and complete a series of tutorial quests that introduce to the main mechanics of the game. While you won’t assume the role of the Holy Book’s protagonists, what you do will help those figures lead your people to the Promised Land.

To bring your tribe into supremacy and guarantee its safe passage through the Exodus, you’ll have to do battle other players’ tribes over the land’s limited resources of minerals, wood, clay and grain. Your settlement will have to be as equipped to worship as it is to do battle, so barracks with a varied military are a must. With the balance between resource management and procurement as well as settlement building, think of The Bible Online as a less complex (and less enduring) Total War with a heavy focus on multiplayer competition and persistence.

Considering the length of the Bible, the game would have an extremely long lifespan. And you have to agree that the game’s final patch, Revelation, would be pretty epic. However, what do you think of a game like this being on Facebook? Would you rather play through a different theology? Let us know in the comments below.

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