Tetris Helps With Trauma

Tue, Mar 30, 2010


According to a study conducted by a team of scientists at the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford Universty, playing Tetris can help heal post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma related problems. Now, how the experiment was conducted may seem silly, it is significant because of how violent and morbid images effect the brain.

As reported by Kotaku, The survey was conducted by showing 40 people traumatic images of injuries and then taking a 30 minutes break afterward. During the break, half of these people played Tetris for 10 minutes while the other half did nothing. Those who played Tetris reportedly had “significantly fewer flashbacks over the next week.”

I would think that because of the way Tetris stimulates the mind, it most likely helped in the non-retention of the violent images. What do you think?

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