Tencent Brings QQ Ranch to Facebook in the Form of Ranch Life

Mon, Mar 8, 2010

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If you’ve tried out SPP Ranch, Slide’s fairly new game that combines the likes of FarmVille and Pet Society, and want to add a similar game to your daily tasks, you’ll be happy to know that Chinese media conglomerate Tencent has localized QQ Ranch to Facebook in the form of Ranch Life.

Inside Social Games recently took a look at Ranch Life, and found that the game is mostly about the process of raising and selling livestock or their by-products (chickens lay eggs, cows give off milk, etc.) for the most profit possible.

Each animal goes through four life stages: baby, mature, production, and sell-off. When an animal grows to the point of production, they will begin producing a particular item, that can be sold after a set amount of hours. “Harvest” your animals, and they’ll begin the process all over again, so that a set number of hours down the line, you can harvest once again. It’s a cycle that anyone who’s even remotely familiar with Facebook games should be comfortable with.

Your ranch’s buildings can be upgraded to hold more individual animals, and you’ll also have to worry about feeding them so that they’ll grow. Unfortunately, this reliance on feeding means that you’ll have to check the game fairly regularly to make sure your animals have food to eat, which might make more casual players a bit weary, as they can’t set the game and then come back three days later to find everything in tip-top shape as they can in something like FarmVille.

The game’s social aspects have you visiting your neighbors’ ranches to clean up animal wastes and remove pests, in addition to allowing you to post news feed items to share your in-game accomplishments in the hopes that perhaps they’ll join you in the fun.

Ranch Life currently has around 27,000 monthly active users, but if you’d like to add to that total, head over to the game’s page and get started.

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