Temple Run Now Greater, More Powerful in Oz

Tue, Mar 5, 2013

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I haven’t seen the new Oz the Great and Powerful movie coming out on Friday, but I don’t specifically recall any temples being a part of Oz lore. Still, that hasn’t stopped Disney from working with TriplePoint client Imangi Studios to make Temple Run: Oz, a new adaptation of the endless runner that still has you fleeing from horrible monkeys. This time around, the monkeys can fly. I think that’s incentive enough to run faster and farther, but Temple Run: Oz is offering plenty of other reasons, too.

The game, which just came out today, is a full standalone conversion like Temple Run: Brave, though it’s based on the recent Temple Run 2 rather than the original. In addition to fleeing the ubiquitous monkeys, players can also apparently hop in hot-air balloons, hurl themselves into tornadoes, and explore a variety of different Oz-based areas as they run for their lives. It’s 99 cents and you can get it, my pretty.

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