Team Meat is Not On Team Freemium

Mon, May 7, 2012

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Freemium games may not be a business plan that’s for everybody, but it’s definitely not a plan that works for Edmund McMillen of Team Meat — they of the epic carnage-driven platformer that is Super Meat Boy. The Meating folks are working on a mobile version of SMB, and would like to let the world know that the mobile edition will most certainly not be free-to-play.

From the Team Meat Blog:

There is an on going theme these days to use a very basic video game shell and hang a “power up carrot” in front of the player. the player sees this carrot, and wants it! all the player needs to do is a few very rudimentary repetitious actions to attain it, once they get to it, another drops down and asks them to do more… but then the catch… instead of achieving these “goals” by running on the tread mill, you can instead just pay a single dollar and you instantly get to your goal! better yet pay 10 and unlock all your goals without even having to ever play the game!

words can not express how fucking wrong and horrible this is, for games, for gamers and for the platform as a whole… this business tactic is a slap in the face to actual game design and embodies everything that is wrong with the mobile/casual video game scene.

Mind you, if this philosophy doesn’t work out, they can just try again, and again, and again, and again, and see all of the prior attempts during the replay.

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